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Best Graphic Cards of 2016, Value For Money, Entry Level To 4K Gaming

Buying a GPU is always a struggle as there are so many graphics cards to choose from and one can often get caught up in the hype of something that is not as good as marketed. If you are in the market for a new GPU then this guide will help you choose the best GPU for you. Here are the best graphic cards of 2016. We have gone ahead and covered all the price ranges that you might be interested in.

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Best Graphic Cards: Entry Level GPUs

Best Graphic Cards

If you are looking for something that will give you 60 FPS at decent settings in MOBAs or online multiplayer games like Overwatch then there are two cards that will do the job for you while staying at 1080p. If you want something like that and nothing more then you can either go for the Nvidia GTX 1050Ti or the AMD RX 460 GPUs. These are the best graphic cards that you can buy for entry level performance.

Best Graphic Cards

Plus these do not require additional power so if you already have an old pre-built system lying around then you can slap in one of these GPUs and make that potato PC into an entry level gaming PC. It will also be able to run some AAA titles provided that you turn down the graphics setting a bit. The RX 460 will cost you about $100 and the GTX 1050Ti is a bit expensive at around $140. Both these GPUs are still great value for money if you are into competitive e-sports or light gaming at 1080p.

Best Graphic Cards: Mid Level GPUs

Best Graphic Cards

At the mid-range, we have the well placed AMD RX 470 that is available in 4 GB models as well as 8 GB models. If you are going to be modding or doing something graphics intensive then the higher VRAM make all the difference. The AMD RX 470 has the following specs:

  • 128 texture units
  • 32 ROPs
  • Base clock speed: 926 MHz
  • Boosting clock: 1206 MHz
  • 4.9 TFLOPs

The RX 470 is going to cost you around $190 and for the price you are getting a lot of graphics horsepower.

Best Graphic Cards: Best Budget GPUs

If you are a gamer and are on a budget and you also want the best of the best for the money that you are paying then you might be low on options but in 2016 we got two GPUs that are the best for you. From team red, we have the AMD RX 480 and from team green, we have GTX 1060.

Best Graphic Cards

Both these GPU come VR ready out of the box so if you are looking to get into VR on a budget then these GPUs are great options to consider.

AMD RX 480

  • Polaris 10
  • 2.8x increase in perf/watt
  • 4 GB and 8 GB variants
  • 2304 Stream processors
  • 1266 MHz clock speed
  • 5.5 TFLOPs of computing performance

Best Graphic Cards

Nvidia GTX 1060

  • 1280 CUDA cores
  • 80 TMUs
  • 48 ROPs
  • 1506 MHz base clock
  • 1708 MHz boost clock
  • Texture fill rate of 120.5 GTexels/s
  • 3/6 GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • 192-bit bus interface
  • 8000 MHz

Best Graphic Cards: Best Single GPU1440p

If you are looking to play at 1440p then the best value for money GPU for you would be the GTX 1070.

  • 6.5 TFLOPs of computing performance
  • 1920 CUDA cores
  • 1506MHz base clock
  • 1683MHz for the boost clock

Best Graphic Cards

The GPU will cost you $379. The founder’s edition cost more. For the money, you are getting almost the same performance of the GTX 1080.

Best Graphic Cards: 4K Gaming

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

If you do not count the Titan XP then this is the most powerful GPU on the market as of writing this article. Although you will not be able to get 60 FPS on ultra settings maxed out on a 4K resolution on most titles, tweaking the settings will get you there in most cases. With such enthusiast-grade gaming comes a high price as well and you will be paying $620 for the GPU.

Best Graphic Cards

  • GP104
  • 2560 CUDA cores
  • 20 SMs
  • boost clock of 1733MHz

Hopefully, this guide will help you pick your next GPU. These were the best graphic cards of 2016 and we are hoping to see more as we enter 2017.