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Astroneer Early Access Launch Trailer Released

The indie sci-fi survival game, Astroneer is now available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview program. Developers System Era Softworks recently released a launch trailer for the game highlighting some of the gameplay mechanics.

Similar to No Man’s Sky before it, Astroneer boasts procedurally generated planets and moons, although they might not be of the same scale as the first person survival released by Hello Games.

Astroneer also allows players to explore and build with up to 3 other players. Those who purchase the game on Xbox One or Windows 10 Store will also be able to make use of cross-platform.

Players are put in the shoes of astronauts who land on procedurally generated planets where they have to explore and farm for resources in order to build up their base. There are also objects that can be researched for more buildable options.

In terms of survival, so far the game only features Oxygen as a critical resource required for characters although there are some environmental hazards such as dust storms with flying rocks in them that can kill players as well as some alien vegetation which can poison.

Once players have enough resources and a well-established base, they can also craft shuttles to leave their current planet and search surrounding planets and moons for different types of resources which might not be easily available on their starting area.

Given that the game is currently in pre-alpha stage, numerous bugs, UI and gameplay issues are to be expected although System Era isn’t lazy at all and releases daily updates.

Currently, the game also doesn’t feature any dedicated servers so one player has to be the host for other friends. The join system is also pretty rudimentary and occasionally bugs out requiring a game restart.

Astroneer is currently available for sale at $20 but the price might increase once the game is released. There is currently no information on when the actual release date would be.