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IDC Predicts Rapid Growth Of Augmented And Virtual Reality Market

According to IDC predictions augmented and virtual reality market will see rapid growth from here on forwards till 2020. This is because of the nature of these products and the numerous applications that they can be used for. augmented and virtual reality market is already growing steadily but in coming year the headsets and devices will become cheaper. That way more people will be able to buy them.

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augmented and virtual reality market is relatively and there are some people that will say that this tech is still not perfect. When it comes to gaming and entertainment we have seen companies taking interest in this technology and it is possible that the future will be set in VR. VR is great for entertainment as we have seen channels like ESPN looking into this tech and thinking of making it a source of viewing for the user.

Virtual Reality Market

Augmented and virtual reality market will also be greatly affected by e-sports as this will provide a great way to spectate games at they take place live. It is also a cool new way of enjoying movies at home. You get the same feel as the cinema but at the comforts of home. IDC predicts an average annual growth of 108.3%.

If this prediction is accurate and the augmented and virtual reality market does indeed grow then according to these calculations in 2020 VR companies will be selling a total of 76 million headsets. This means that these devices will get cheaper and will be accessible to the masses otherwise there is no way that so many people will be able to buy VR headsets.

Virtual Reality Market

It does make sense, with the passage of time this tech should get cheaper and there might be other companies that will be looking to get a part of the augmented and virtual reality market share. What do you think?