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Another Esports Organization Abandons Heroes of the Storm

Team Liquid is the latest esports organization to drop its entire Heroes of the Storm roster and walk away from the brawler’s competitive scene.

“As one of the first organizations to pick up a competitive Heroes of the Storm team, it is with great sadness that we announce our departure from Heroes,” announced the team last night.

Ivan “Sportbilly” Koturic, Daniel “Shad” González, and Raoul “GerdamHerd” Saurbier have since then entered free agency and are looking for a new team to call home. Christoph “Cris” Gowitzke, however, has been picked up by Diamond Skin which recently qualified for the Heroes Global Championship (HGC) European Pro League Phase 1.

The announcement of Team Liquid abandoning Heroes of the Storm comes just two weeks after the multi-game organization failed to qualify for the HGC European Pro League Phase 1.

An official spokesperson from the management is yet to add details to the decision which led to scrapping one of its rosters. It’s likely that Team Liquid was banking on making the qualifiers in order to sustain its players.

The league is a new initiative by Blizzard to pave way to the global championship in 2017. As announced previously, the entire year is structured around an online Pro League for the four major regions. Teams that qualify for the league are entitled to financial support from the developer.

The period between mid-November and December saw Team Liquid’s Heroes of the Storm roster try its level best to qualify. It entered all three online qualifiers but failed to secure one of the six spots in the main Pro League.

Team Liquid is just one major esports organization that has decided to call it a day as far as Heroes of the Storm is concerned. Other teams that have followed suit include G2 Esports, Natus Vincere, and Cloud9.

G2 Esports parted ways with its roster in January while Natus Vincere dissolved its Heroes of the Storm division in April because of performance issues. Cloud9 ended ties with Blizzard’s brawler in June, a couple of months after securing the NA Regional Championship.

Most recently, Panda Global and Tempo Storm have also lost their rosters. However, the two teams still show interest in the scene and will possibly try to acquire a new round of players.

Very few organizations have established themselves as front runners for the game’s esports scene. Currently, only Fnatic and Team Dignitas have managed to do so.