Overwatch Cookie Crowdfunding Event Launched By Redditors For Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment may be getting a sweet surprise for Christmas this year, as an Overwatch cookie crowdfunding campaign has been launched by the Overwatch subreddit. The campaign is intended to send over 250 cookies to Jeff Kaplan and the Blizzard team (over a hundred people) as thanks for the game.

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Overwatch, despite releasing around halfway through the year, was a smash hit to begin with, helped by its tight gameplay, diverse cast of characters, and interesting world. When the game released it got critical acclaim, beating Gearbox’s own hero-based shooter Battleborn with a big stick before sending it home crying. Therefore, one might say that the Overwatch cookie crowdfunding campaign is a just reward for the team making such an amazing game, especially once that’s already had two new characters and a number of new maps in a matter of months.

The idea for the campaign came from Reddit user “HiHaterslol”, who came up with it after reading a blog post from Kaplan about how Mei (who had gotten what many players think was an unsatisfactory skin for the game’s Christmas event) would be getting new cosmetics very early next year. Haters said that he felt ashamed that Kaplan had to read the sort of negative comments that facilitated the change, and suggested the cookies as a reward.

While ordinarily this would be taken as a joke by many, Blizzard games are loved enough by their fans that the Overwatch cookie crowdfunding campaign is more than likely to succeed, though that brings to mind all sorts of questions like how many of each kind of cookie to make, and even then what kinds of cookies to include and whatnot.

Overwatch is currently holding its Christmas event, which comes with new map variants and a variety of new costumes for the various heroes, so if you want to play, jump on in.