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NBA Owner’s 24-Year-Old Son Will Manage Cloud9 Challenger Roster

Last week, another NBA owner entered the League of Legends esports world by purchasing the Cloud9 Challenger spot for a reported $1.8 million.

Wesley Edens, owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, also purchased the Cloud9 Challenger contracts of Hai “Hai” Lam, Johnny “Altec” Ru, Daerek “LemonNation” Hart and An “Balls” Van Le in an estimated $700,000 buyout.

At the time, it’s unknown what the new team will be called but it has been confirmed that Edens is passing the torch over to his 24-year-old son.

According to a report by ESPN, Ryan Edens will be managing his father’s newly acquired Cloud9 Challenger spot as well as the accompanying roster of players. There’s no available information on Ryan Edens that puts to light whether the youngster is fit to manage a team, or if he even has the required knowledge of the competitive world of League of Legends esports.

When an investment of over $2 million is concerned, there’s hardly room for trial and error. While Wesley Edens will probably oversee the entire process, it will be Ryan Edens running the show.

Understandably, the NBA team owner will initiate further hiring in the coming months to help run the team. This includes coaches, analysts, and other staff members.

Together, the unnamed team is looking forward to making its debut in the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) next year. With four players penned down, search continues for someone to fill the jungler role. Based on reports, Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia is expected to stay with the starting lineup of Cloud9.

Personally, it’s warming to see Ryan Edens stepping in to take hold of the reigns and manage his first LCS team. Too many people have started to recognize video games and esports as favorable mediums of bonding with their children. Former NBA player Rick Fox and owner of Echo Fox was open about his decision to embrace League of Legends. It’s likely that the same happened for Wesley Edens.