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Dying Light Is Finally Out On Mac

Rejoice! An outcry heard: Dying Light is finally out on Mac. Techland’s parkour inspired first person, zombie slaughter game is available from now on Mac. For promotional purpose Techland launched a trailer, mentioning Dying Light availability on Mac from now own.

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Dying Light is an open world, parkour inspired first person perspective action adventure survival horror game, talk about video game genre and Techland knows how to mix. Polish developers’ game is published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and game originally released on January 27, 2015.

Initially, the game came out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Linux but looks like Mac users have finally got what they craved for.

Additionally, Dying Light on Mac launched with full and final version of game which includes the jumbo DLC “The Following” plus other DLCs and games fix updates. The full version of game is called Dying Light-Enhanced Edition and you can search on Steam using Apple Platform.

The game particularly bagged the fame because of unique experience of zombie slaughter. An open world game with parkour style protagonist’s skills and kill a zombie however you like! Well, that’s pure Zombie game fantasy Techland materialized for fans.

The game further extended its life by immersing players into “The Following” DLC, which provided big map, vehicles, new parkour skills and a lot more features. I say Dying Light nailed it and earned it. Not only single player, but, the PVP and Co-op aspect of the game is well created. Players can tag along with four friends and play the story missions together. Besides, PVP mode adds a bit more of fun in the game element.

If you have waited long enough then now is the time. Get the copy of Dying Light Enhanced Edition, fire it up and play it all you want and become a zombie killing maniac.