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Terry Crews Visits Blizzard for Possible Overwatch Doomfist Collaboration

Terry Crews was spotted at Blizzard earlier today, raising speculations that he might possibly be involved in an official Overwatch Doomfist collaboration.

Both cinematic project director for World of Warcraft Terran Gregory and character artist Renaud Galand confirmed the presence of the famed American actor and recent inductee to the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race.

While the reason behind his visit remains unconfirmed, last month’s push for Crews to play the part of Doomfist may finally be materializing.

Ever since Crews took interest in the world of PC gaming, the passionate community has been trying to get him more involved. Following the conclusion of BlizzCon 2016, the Overwatch player-base exclaimed an interest in seeing Crews play the part of Doomfist, the next possible hero to release for the game.

In response, the actor stated that he would love to voice the character. His inclusion would certainly meld well with the colorful world of Overwatch. It’s also a valuable opportunity for Blizzard to fulfill a strong request from the community.

That being said, all of this is still speculation. While we would love to see an Overwatch Doomfist collaboration between Crews and Blizzard, let’s wait for the official word before jumping with excitement.

Not much is known about Doomfist. Several clues scattered about certainly point towards his existence. First is the mechanical fist from the original debut trailer of Overwatch and second is a poster located in the Numbani stage which references three Doomfist characters: Adhabu Ngumi, the Savior, Akinjide Adeyemi, the Scourge, and an unknown with the epithet, the Successor.

Sombra was the latest addition to the Overwatch roster. It seems too soon for Blizzard to announce the next hero. However, a slight nod at Doomfist as the next character to release would certainly make for a good holiday season.