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Super Mario Run Is Finally Out For iOS Devices!

The killing app you were waiting for is here: Super Mario Run is finally available for iOS Devices! You can try it for free, but you’ll have to pay $10 in order to play the full experience.

Super Mario Run has been released in 151 countries and, according to App Annie, it could be a major hit worldwide.

This app, in fact, is one of the most advertised on the Apple Store, showing how strong is the partnership between Apple and Nintendo. Reveal at an Apple press event helped the a lot in terms of marketing, and even if it’s paid app, there are a lot of people worldwide that were dying to try this game.

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However, even if it’s not easy, Nintendo is working to make Super Mario popularity grow as much as possible.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said:

In terms of expectations, we all saw what happened when Pokémon Go was released. Everyone was surprised with the result. There’s no doubt that more people are using smartphones to play games nowadays and this could help Super Mario popularity grow, something that we are aiming to as it’s a very important intellectual property for us. We want to be sure it spreads out just as quickly as Pokémon GO

Also, Phil Spencer is interested in bringing Super Mario Franchise to Xbox.

Microsoft and Nintendo has been working together because of the Wii U version of Minecraft, and Spencer said he’d really love to play Mario on an Xbox console. But we already know it won’t be so easy to achieve this goal.

Have you already tried Super Mario Run?

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