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Street Fighter V Season 2 Leak Reveals New Rage-Quit Skull Icon

Last night, various upcoming Street Fighter V Season 2 changes were leaked when users gained access to an unprotected Steam build from Capcom.

In most cases, such test builds are either hidden from the public or placed behind a password protected wall. The Street Fighter V Season 2 Steam build featured neither. While Capcom has since then put up a password, it wasn’t before users had made a list of significant upcoming changes.

The year has seen Street Fighter V face trouble when trying to combat rage quitters. So far, Capcom has repeatedly arranged strict penalties for such players who ruin games for others. With the new season, the developer is tackling the issue again by labeling the profiles of rage quitters with a new skull icon.

Accompanying text also confirms that players who often disconnect in the middle of games will be branded as such. The new system will take this into account when pairing players with the shameful icon against one another.

Additionally, rage quitters will face severe League Point reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions which is already present in the game.

Elsewhere, the upcoming Street Fighter V Season 2 will allow players to pick a custom music playlist in each of the available game modes. Several images confirm that the menu icons have been updated. One in particular hints at Azam (Rashid’s bodyguard) as one of the new playable characters in the game. That or at least he’ll have some involvement.

Street Fighter V is scheduled to commence the second season on December 20. In addition to a slew of new changes, the day also marks the inclusion of Akuma to the roster of playable characters.

We don’t have to wait long for the official patch notes to arrive. Capcom may even release them earlier to get the community ready for the new season.