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Persona Series Sales At 6.9 Million, Even Before Persona 5’s Western Release

Atlus’s Persona series sales have topped at 6.9 million as of today, which is an impressive development for a company whose games used to only be niche products that sold several hundred thousand copies with each release. Now that Persona is a highly popular series for many, it seems like Atlus is poised for even greater success.

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Persona 5, the latest entry in the Persona series, sold extremely well in Japan, garnering critical acclaim and selling over 550,000 copies. Considering that Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden caused the series’s popularity to explode in the West, along with Persona 3, Persona series sales in the West will likely get a very significant jump when the Western release date happens.

Considering all of the hype that’s gone into promoting Persona 5, along with how many times it’s been delayed in the past few years (it was originally slated to be coming out sometime in late 2013, but has been delayed again and again until April 2017 now) has only made people anticipate the game more and more.

Persona 5 will take a bit of a different approach to the normal formula of “new kid in a new town” that the other more notable Persona games have come across; in this case, rather than being an upstanding new kid, you’re instead a delinquent, and there we have the main plot, where your character and the other students that you meet form the Phantom Thieves in order to break out of the routine of a corrupt and dull life.

Persona series sales have even been overwhelming the Shin Megami Tensei series, which has racked up 7.2 million sales in twice the time that Persona has gotten to 6.9. However, until the game actually comes out in the West, Persona fans will just have to hold onto their wallets until the game actually releases here (unless you somehow have a console that can play the Japanese version of the game…and speak Japanese.)