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Nintendo Could Be Working on a VR Device for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is among the hottest topics over the internet right now. Sadly, Nintendo won’t be sharing any new details about the device until January. However, a recent patent application may give us an idea of what we can expect from Nintendo Switch when it comes out.

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Keep in mind that companies file a number of different patents and not all concepts reach the level of implementation. With that said, we have reason to believe that either Nintendo is working on its own VR device on will add support for other VR devices in Nintendo Switch.

The company filed a patent application for Nintendo Switch and we came across a very interesting image while going through it.Nintendo Switch

The image shows a device that will accommodate the handheld. Nintendo Switch has a handheld that pretty much looks like a¬†smartphone when detached from the charging pad. Nintendo has a track record of designing custom accessories so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Nintendo VR for Switch.

VR market is ripe and it does seem like the right time to for newcomers to jump in.

A VR device for Nintendo Switch would be great to have but we still believe it is best for Nintendo to focus more software development and slowly transition out of the hardware market.

Nintendo Switch is releasing sometime next year, a proper presentation is scheduled for January 12. Would you like to see a VR device for Nintendo Switch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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