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New Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons May Be Coming Soon

A number of rumors have come out recently saying that there may be new Modern Warfare Remastered weapons and maps coming soon to the game’s multiplayer, including both melee weapons and guns. The rumors have come from Reddit users digging through the files of the game’s newest PC update.

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There will be at least three new melee weapons coming at some point in the future, even after the December update brought six others to the game including things like new knives, a climbing axe, and more. The other data mined files mentioned a sword, a hatchet, and a sickle, though considering how the Call of Duty melee normally goes you won’t see them in any real detail.

When it came to other guns, Raven Software only added a few new weapons last month, and mostly stuck to cosmetic items in this update. However, it seems that with the data mining, new Modern Warfare Remastered weapons are going to be coming in that category too, including the KAM 12 and the XM-LAR, though these are still in the testing phase.

While Activision has said that they didn’t intend on adding any new weapons to Modern Warfare Remastered, they said the same thing about Black Ops 3, even though that game did get new weapons during its own lifetime as its DLC packs came out, so it’s likely they just said that to throw off suspicion.

Along with the new melee weapons and guns, the December update’s coding also saw that we’d be getting remastered versions of four maps that were released as DLC for the original Modern Warfare for the Xbox 360, even with the six maps that came out in the December update. These maps, called Chinatown, Broadcast, Killhouse, and Creek, are actually one of the things that Raven Software said that they would be looking into implementing back into the remastered version of Modern Warfare.

However, there’s no telling how long it will take for Raven to implement these new Modern Warfare Remastered weapons and maps, so we’ll just have to be patient.