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League of Legends ADC Gets Death Threats After Twitter Exchange

UK-based League of Legends organization MnM Gaming was recently involved in an online heated exchange with Portugal-based K1ck Esports.

The situation arose when Ludvig “XDSMILEY” Granquist, AD Carry for MnM, called out K1ck for displaying unsportsmanlike conduct during the Challenger Series open qualifiers.

Playing the quarterfinals against AGO Gaming, K1ck agreed during a pause to not kill the disconnected enemy player. However, the team went ahead anyway as soon as the game resumed. Additionally, the team’s streaming channel immediately began wiping the chat clean to curb negative comments.

Taking to Twitter, XDSMILEY exclaimed the wish to see K1ck lose the Challenger Series and “get their CSQ dreams crushed for the 5th year in a row”. This was not appreciated by André Guilhoto, head coach of K1ck’s League of Legends roster.

In response, Guilhoto tweeted the team history of MnM along with the following text: “I love when players with so [much] experience on the competitive scene flame us.”

Soon after, the MnM AD Carry claimed that he was receiving death threats on Twitter. However, he didn’t provide clarification as to whether the death threats were from the Portuguese head coach or fans of K1ck Esports. Neither did he share the messages with the public.

MnM Gaming, or Molotovs and Marshmallows, currently sit in the Challenger Series qualifiers following its victory at the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership in October. K1ck must place in the top three in the open qualifiers in order to reach MnM in what may possibly turn out to be a grudge match.

Death threats in the world of League of Legends is not uncommon. Riot Games has stern rules against such obscene statements. Since XDSMILEY didn’t directly name Guilhoto, it’s likely that the threats were from irrational fans. Otherwise, the situation could have turned ugly for the esports club.