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Former Crytek Employee Is Crowdfunding To Sue The Studio

It seems that Crytek has once again hit a financial roadblock as reports have emerged that the employees have not been paid on time for months and are yet to be paid for the months of October, November, and December. Now a former Crytek employee is planning to sue the company for not paying him.

This former Crytek employee is Ludvig Lindqvist who has launched a crowdfunding campaign this week so that he can sue Crytek. He was employed at Crytek’s Frankfurt office from March 2015 to December 2016 and left the studio after he was not paid for October and November. According to Lindqvist:

Today as I’m creating this GoFundMe campaign, 14th December 2016, it was 58 days since Crytek paid me my September salary. Two whole months have failed to make it to my account. All Crytek employees are in the same situation.

Also, the goal of this crowdfunding campaign has been achieved by Lindqvist and it seems that Crytek will be facing a lawsuit for not paying its employees on time.

This not the first time that Crytek has failed to pay its employees. Previously employees at Crytek’s studio that was developing Homefront: Revolution were not being paid and Crytek had to shut down its studio and sold the IP to Deep Silver.

However, the game was developed by the same team with a new studio, Dambuster Studio, which works under Deep Silver.

Crytek, on the other hand, has been keeping quiet on the issue and no statement has been issued by the company. These financial difficulties seem to stem from the fact that Crytek is making a shift from traditional video games to a free-to-play model where income is dependent on how much people spend money on microtransactions.