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DreamGrip Smartphone Rig Wants to Assist you in Film-making

Tired of filming from phone and yet not satisfied? Good, because DreamGrip have something to offer: DreamGrip smartphone rig. You can use the rig for any smartphone, mount and adjust the phone size and you’re all set for filming.

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DreamGrip have been working on the prototype of smartphone rig since August 2015, after going through every other prototype, they are now taking pre-orders. DreamGrip is Hong Kong-based Company but offices are operated from Vancouver, Canada.

Here is the list of accessories DreamGrip Smartphone rig has for offering:

  • Adjustable lens mount, so you can use any smartphone.
  • A variety of lenses: Fisheye, Wide Angle, Telephoto x2, Telephoto x3.
  • Bluetooth wireless remote with free app for Android and iOS.
  • Two cold shoe mounts on the handles.
  • Additional mounting possibilities through ¼” – 20” mounts and screws.
  • Adapter with a 52mm CPL filter.


Check out the video and see things for yourself

Although, the usage of Bluetooth operation to signal phone for snap action may consume little bit extra battery life, but, accommodation can be made to fit a battery bank for longevity of battery life. Although, this option may or may not be available for all the phones, since, phablets or big sized phones can take up more space on DreamGrip smartphone rig.

The DreamGrip smartphone rig pre-sale started Friday last week.  The first backers will receive the basic DreamGrip package for 69 USD plus free shipping. The offers run through various variant of the product, with a professional package priced at 299 USD which includes basic rig with accessories plus all the lenses a shotgun microphone, 2 LED lights and a dolly, plus free shipping.

The first batch is charted to arrive by early February 2017. As a pre-sale campaign, DreamGrip smartphone rig used Samsung S6 and S7, check out the video and grasp the concept.

If you plan on having a look at the product, getting hands on experience first before making a purchase, well, DreamGrip will be present at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 5-8th.

DreamGrip have the product which holds the potential to bring in the new trend to videography. Much like selfie-stick accessory which went viral, this rig too has certain edge to offer.