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New Call Of Cthulu Screenshots Look Terrifying

Focus Home Interactive has released new Call Of Cthulu screenshots, and they are terrifying.

Check them below.

However, Call Of Cthulu is an investigation/horror game being developed by Cyanide Studio and based on Lovecraft stories. Lovecraft is considered the major American horror-story writer of the twentieth century, so it’s important for the team to make a great game.

PC Gamer had the chance to talk to Cyanide Studio, so here you can find further information about this game.

The protagonist of Call Of Cthulu is Edward Pierce. He will have to find out the truth behind the death of a famous artist called Sarah Hawkins.

The setting of this game is the darkest possible, but we won’t find splatter/survival horror elements here. The team has preferred working on psychological horror elements instead, providing classical Lovecraft scenarios, locations and characters.

The main character will see unbelievable things, experience traumatic events, although he will have reason to doubt what he encountered. To instill that in players’ minds, we’ll make use of specific sound and visual effects. Sometimes you’ll need to double take, unsure if what you saw was actually in the game, or rather in your mind. Similar to when people see a face in a cloud, or when you see Jesus in a slice of toast. When you look a little longer, you realize nothing was there… or was it? And what does it mean?

Finally we’ll be able to try a real horror experience, something different from jumpscare or shooting games with strange enemies running around.

Call Of Cthulu the videogame is under development right now, releasing in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.