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New Battlefield 1 Eye To Eye Mode Released by DICE: Shotguns Only

The Battlefield 1 Eye To Eye mode has just been released by DICE today, and promises a lot of hectic combat that will hopefully keep gamers entertained for a good bit longer. The mode restricts players to only using the Assault class, and only using shotguns as weapons.

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The rules, as the Battlefield 1 Eye to Eye mode’s description says, are simple: kill or be killed. When you’re running around a small area with a weapon that can kill you in one shot if you’re too close, you won’t have the chance to take a second look at an enemy. The game is somewhat similar to the Line of Sight mode that was released earlier in the game’s release.

Eye to Eye follows hot on the heels of the Giant’s Shadow DLC, a free map that came with a number of other goodies before the first paid DLC for the game, which will be coming early next year.

In the meantime, Eye to Eye should be able to keep people tided over. The game mode itself will take place in the rather confined Amiens map, a dense urban environment where death can come around any corner and there are plenty of places to hide.

Shotguns, interestingly enough, actually weren’t that commonplace during the First World War; though they could prove devastating in trenches (enough that the German Kaiser eventually decreed that any captured enemy soldier armed with a shotgun was to be immediately executed), the wide stretches of open ground on the Western Front didn’t really lend themselves well to anything but a rifle.

The game mode will also be lacking the vehicle options of the rest of the game such as horses, planes, tanks, armored cars, and motorcycles, but you’ll likely be so focused on surviving the madhouse of lead that will be flying at you, it won’t matter.

The Battlefield 1 Eye to Eye mode is available now, so get in there and watch your back for anyone trying to shove a shotgun where it doesn’t belong.