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ASUS Introduces Nvidia SLI HB Bridge With 2-slot Spacing For GTX 1080, 1070 and Titan X Cards

Angry about spending couple of extra bucks say $50 to get SLI support for your GTX 1080/1070/Titan X Pascal? Well say no more because ASUS introduces no-frills Nvidia SLI HB Bridge. The bridge is quite simple, there is not LED fancy show but it is worthwhile.

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Looking at construction of ASUS no-frills Nvidia SLI HB Bridge, it is just a fiberglass printed circuit borad (PCB) with scalable link interface (SLI) slots on it. Further, there is not LED fancy show setup on ASUS no-frills Nvidia SLI HB Bridge; it is pure simple with ASUS ROG branding printed on its PCB.

Specification wise, the bridge comes with 60mm or 2-slot spacing: 1 slot between two dual-slot thick graphics cards. The bridge will be sold separately as ASUS plans and prepares to launch the selling of upcoming motherboards lineup. You can see the image here for yourself how simple ASUS no –frills Nvidia SLI HB Bridge will be.

On the contrary, ASRock, the rival original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gives away the SLI bridges as a pre-owned part alongside their motherboard lineup. At least for some time they are doing it. But, nevertheless, it is nice to see other OEM’s catching up to deliver what most of their consumer markets demand.

What do you prefer more? A fancy light show interior of your personal computer with SLI bridges all decorated with fancy LED lights? Or, ASUS no-frills Nvidia SLI HB Bridge which is more of a simplistic form of SLI lineup seems more appealing to you. Let us know what you think about it comment section below.