Top 10 Characters Albert Wesker Wants for Marvel VS Capcom Infinite

After a decent amount of time, we are finally getting a Marvel vs Capcom game for consoles and PC. The game is the result of a shared vision between the two companies, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is a highly anticipated title.

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The new game will feature exciting single players modes as well as rich multiplayer content to satisfy both Marvel and Capcom fans. We already know that Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Ryo, and Mega Man X are making an appearance.

We don’t know how many other characters will appear but Albert Wesker has a list of characters for the developers. And if they fail to add these characters to Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, they will suffer at the hands of Wesker.

One of the characters Wesker has for us is Daredevil; the character has been on the sidelines for a long time. The Ben Afflick movie didn’t help bring this character to the limelight but Netflix’s Daredevil did the job. Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Daredevil is exceptional and this is the right time for Marvel to go big with this character in the video game scene as well.

Well, the next character on Wesker’s list is Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. She may have failed him in the game but he still sees her potential. Ada was one of the major characters in Resident Evil 4 and she can do some serious damage to the opposition in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite.

Well, speaking of female heroes, Black Widow can be the perfect addition to the Marvel vs Capcom series. She is tough, excellent fighter, and she is probably the hottest female Marvel superhero.

Check out the video above for the complete list of characters from the list of Albert Wesker.