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Sony Announces Three Brand New PS4 Bundles with Two DS4, 4 Games, and PS Plus Subscription

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced three brand new PS4 bundles exclusively for the Chinese market.

There are three colours to choose from i.e. red, golden, and silver. From the looks of it, there are not any differences when it comes to a bundle’s colour except a similarly-colored Dualshock 4 controller.

Three New PS4 Bundles Announced for China

For instance, users getting a red PS4 bundle receive an extra red Dualshock 4 controller – the same goes for golden and silver bundles.

As for what comes inside the packaging, each bundle contains a standard PS4 unit, a standard Dualshock 4 controller, an extra DS4 controller in one of three colours, 3-month of Playstation Plus subscription, and 4 games.

All bundles are priced at 2,299 yuan which is close to about $300 USD. Given the price, I would say it is a pretty decent deal if you can get your hands on it somehow.

Both the golden and silver PS4 bundles are available now. The red one should be available at the end of the month on Dec. 31, 2016.

With these PS4 bundles, Sony is definitely looking forward to penetrate the Chinese market after long years of console ban in the country since 2000. This ban was lifted back in 2015 and should help Sony draw some sales in the region for the upcoming holiday season.

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