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Nintendo Switch Demo Available In Sydney During Rooster Teeth Convention

Nintendo fans who have been itching to try out the upcoming Nintendo Switch, especially after seeing it in action on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, are in luck. Those living in Australia or who can travel to Australia to show their love for Nintendo will get a chance to try out Nintendo Switch.

Rooter Teeth, the production company known for RWBY and Red vs. Blue, recently announced on their official Twitter that Nintendo Switch will be making an appearance at their convention, RTX Sydney, thanks to a partnership with Nintendo so eager fans can visit and check out the hybrid console.

RTX Sydney organisers or Nintendo Australia haven’t mentioned exactly what games will be available when the convention begins in February 2017 but given it is close to the launch date of the console, it is highly likely some launch titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be playable.

The convention will on the 4th and 5th of February, although a prior booking will be required to try out Nintendo Switch or not is unclear. Considering the hype for the console, it is however a possibility.

Hopefully, Rooster Teeth or Nintendo will share some more information about the event soon.

Originally known as NX, the Nintendo Switch is currently expected to launch in Spring 2017 as a handheld hybrid console that can be connected to a TV for normal home gaming as well.

Nintendo hasn’t released a lot of details about the console yet but the major chunk of information including, hopefully, a big list of titles to be released on the console, is expected to be announced during a presentation scheduled for 12th January.

Besides Legend of Zelda and the usual lineup of Nintendo games, another new exclusive for Nintendo Switch, Seasons of Heaven, was announced recently by French developers. A full reveal trailer for the game will be out on 19th December.