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Microsoft Removes the Shady Xbox One S Ad After Community Backlash

Microsoft recently shared a very shady Xbox One S ad which is now removed due to community backlash.  The ad starts with a man playing Madden NFL with his grandma and he keeps repeating the sentence “the new Xbox One S has 4K Ultra HD resolution.”

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This Xbox One S ad implies that the new machine has 4K resolution for gaming, since both persons on the screen are playing a game, not watching media content, a novice may end up thinking that the console has 4K resolution for gaming.

This is a very shady ad and fans are not happy. Microsoft’s official Xbox YouTube channel was flooded with comments criticizing the ad and calling it “weaselly and desperate.”

Microsoft is having a hard time marketing HDR and 4K due to viewers not streaming advertisements in HDR and 4K.  Moreover, not everyone owns a 4K TV so running ad campaigns becomes that much more difficult.

According to Major Nelson, marketing this technology is tricky and sometimes information may be “fudged.” “Showing people what 4K and HDR look like is really hard when you’re not watching the thing in 4K or in HDR,” said Microsoft.

“How do we market that and be honest. You have to fudge things a little bit to show the differences, but you want to do it in a way that’s honest. So even telling customers what it looks like, we have to go through that journey”

Microsoft needs to rethink its strategy for HDR and 4K before Project Scorpio comes out. Otherwise, the company may have to remove many ads in the future.