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League of Legends Snowdown 2016 Arrives With Festive Offerings

Summoners, prepare your warm coats for League of Legends Snowdown 2016. This year’s iteration brings a number of festive ways to celebrate the holidays; including a brand new map, game mode, lot of skins and icons, and more.

Legend of the Poro King
The Poro King returns to the Rift for the holiday season. Summoners can choose to feed him with four different Poro Snax variants in order to activate special abilities.

Make sure to play at least one game during the event to earn the Poro King Summoner Icon for free. Besides that, two other Legacy Icons are available in the store for purchase: Dark Star Poro and Star Guardian Poro (250 RP each).

Winter Summoner’s Rift
Winter is making its way to League of Legends; chilly winds running through the Rift, jingle bells playing in the background, rivers frozen, and the grounds covered in snow.

Winter Summoner’s Rift returns to us after a hiatus of five years. All game modes currently feature the new Winter map and will so for the entire event. and the community has been requesting for its return all this time.

League of Legends - Winter Summoner's Rift Baron

Snowdown Crafting
The Hextech Crafting system features new chests to unlock and new items to forge. There’s also a special Poro King’s Treasure Chest which contains a guranteed skin permanent.

You can read more on how the Snowdown Hextech Crafting works here.

Snowdown Skins
This year there are three new holiday skins to be had: Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves, and Winter Wonder Karma.

All three are priced at 1350 RP each and feature brand new animations, special effects, and attire. There’s also a Santa Penguin Ward skin for 640 RP.

Note that these are categorized under Legacy, meaning that they will be taken away from the store once the League of Legends Snowdown 2016 event ends.

Self Mystery Gifting
Feeling daring and festive at the same time? For the duration of the event, Summoners can mystery gift themselves for a random un-owned champion, skin for owned champion, ward skins, or icon worth 520 RP in the store.

Legacy Skins
Riot Games has opened the Legacy Vault throughout the League of Legends Snowdown event. This not only brings back previous Snowdown skins but also retired Legacy skins for other champions.

The list is incredibly long; comprising Toy Soldier Gangplank , Santa Gragas, Snowmerdinger, Festive Maokai, Workshop Nunu, Nutcracko, Snow Day Singed, etc. As for the retired Legacy skins, the following list features every single one available in the store right now for the duration of the event.

Snowdown 2016 is scheduled to run until January 9.

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