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New Horizon: Zero Dawn Video Talks About Aloy and the World Around Her

A new Horizon: Zero Dawn video, called “Secrets of the Past”, has been released by Guerrilla Studios, and tells us a bit about the protagonist Aloy and the world that we’ll be exploring when the game comes out on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro sometime early next year (due to delays).

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Horizon: Zero Dawn has made waves in the gaming community since it was first announced at E3 2014, with the robotic animals and post-apocalyptic world getting a good bit of focus. According to the developers, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be just as much our journey as it is Aloy’s as we explore the world around us.

According to Guerrilla, none of the various tribes of humans that we’ll encounter over the course of the game actually know what happened to the world to make it like this, so Aloy’s journey will be to discover not only what happened to the world, but also where she came from.

According to the Horizon: Zero Dawn video, Aloy is an outcast in the village she lives in; while she’s allowed to live “in” the village, she’s still confined to an isolated location, shunned by the other members of the tribe. Players will be going through a normal adventure game tutorial of controlling a younger protagonist to get introduced not only to the game’s mechanics but also the story.

E3 2016 had a new Horizon: Zero Dawn video that showed off some more exploration and gameplay, mainly as Aloy heads to a village that has been attacked by some sort of “corrupted machine” (as the game puts it).

While we do get a good sense of the world, with Aloy using and fighting multiple numbers of the cybernetic animals to do things like steal components and get transportation, we also get a small semblance of story as Aloy wonders where the corrupted machine came from.

You can find the new Horizon: Zero Dawn video further up in this article, and look forward to Horizon coming out on February 28 of 2017.