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Final Fantasy XV Story DLC Hides A Classic Villain

Square-Enix is about to release more content for this game and new information regarding Final Fantasy XV story DLC, called Episode Gladiolus, were revealed online.

According to these rumors, said DLC will focus on Gladio side story, featuring a classic villain from the series: Gilgamesh, already seen in the previous Final Fantasy chapters.

First Final Fantasy XV story DLC shows you what Gladio meant with personal business and the meaning behind his scar. Moreover, this package will unlock new areas to explore.

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However, Square-Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV has sold over five million copies worldwide. It is the fastest-selling chapter in the franchise history.

This number is really really good and, even if it comes from both day one shipment and digital sales, it means that people really wanted to give Square-Enix one more chance, helping the series go back on its roots.

Also Luna could be introduced as playable character via DLC.

Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari talked about this question, claiming that Square-Enix aims to enlarge the characters’ roster, even if they don’t know if new entries will be given free.

What do you think about this move by Square-Enix?

DLCs are something very popular in the industry right now, but is it right to intentionally cut content from the game to earn money?

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Final Fantasy XV is an RPG developed by Square-Enix, already available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC version hasn’t been announced.