Doom 2 Running On A Keyboard Using A Key As A Display is Real

PC enthusiasts have been experimenting with classic Doom games by making them run on unconventional systems that are primarily not gaming machines. Now another PC enthusiast has achieved another milestone by playing Doom 2 and using a keyboard key as a display.

As noted by NeoGaf user Candescence, Doom 2 is not directly displayed on the key of the keyboard but requires a workaround involving constantly taking screenshots so that the key can display them. The keyboard used is an old but expensive Optimus Maximus keyboard by Art Lebedev.

Doom was one of the biggest game launches of this year. However, before id Software even rebooted the franchise the developer was working on Doom 4 which was canceled. Recently, the studio revealed the reason why Doom 4 was canceled.

According to id Software designer Kevin Cloud, the studio moved on from the concept of Doom 4 because it did not feel like a Doom game.

We explored a direction and got to a certain point and felt like this really wasn’t capturing what we felt like was going to be a strong Doom and what the fans would want from it.

Producer Marty Stratton further added that Doom 4 had a “Call Of Doom” feel to it and the game was to be more cinematic and story driven.

It was much closer to something like that type of game. A lot more cinematic; a lot more story to it. A lot more characters around you that you were with throughout the course of the game. Definitely a different setting–it took place on Earth.

While playing Doom 2 on this keyboard key feels like a choppy experience but one can not help but be fascinated by the technology and wonder what will come next.