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Brazzers Let’s Plays Are Now A Thing, Starting With Mafia 3

You may, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what you like) be seeing Brazzers Let’s Plays on the internet more in the future; the (in)famous porn site has recently released a Let’s Play video starring two of its “stars” as they play Mafia 3, the latest entry in the Mafia series.

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The two stars that try to make their way in the city of New Bordeaux are Nikki Benz and Missy Martinez, who star in the seven-minute video (imaginatively entitled “Porn Stars Play”.) While Mafia 3 may have gotten somewhat mixed reviews across the board when it came to actual reviewers, people that frequent Brazzers may be more inclined to buy the game if they see two pretty women playing it.

The Brazzers Let’s Plays concept isn’t the first attempt at the pornography industry to break into video games; Playboy Magazine recently began a video game editorial section, called “Gamer Next Door”, and many porn videos have been made of numerous popular video games, most famously Overwatch when it came out in May and took over the internet with many of its beautiful female characters (ranging from the short and demure Mei to the big, buff, and beautiful Zarya).

Fallout 4 may have been the catalyst for this sort of thing, as buzz over the game was so high that Pornhub’s traffic actually dropped significantly when the game released due to the huge amount of people playing the game.

While it may be an interesting idea for Brazzers, Playboy, and a variety of other porn websites and publications to try and attract new…”users”…through playig popular video games, there’s also the possibility that it may face some kind of backlash from gamers that don’t think that porn has any place in video games (including those sorts of reprobates that think that only men should play video games while women should make sandwiches), but we’ll just have to wait and see how Brazzers Let’s Plays go over with the gaming community.