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Batman Return to Arkham Patch 1.02 Brings 30 FPS Cap To PS4/ PS4 Pro

Batman Return to Arkham patch 1.02 has been released and it features a 30 FPS cap for the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. This is surprising for the PS4 Pro. This is to improve game consistency and if you look at the overall performance then the game is better than before. On the PS4 Pro the game does run at 1080p which is something you would not expect from a console that is supposed to run games at 4K resolution.

Batman Return to Arkham is now better optimized and you can get the same level of performance that we expected at launch. PS4 owners will be able to feel the difference when it comes to gameplay.

While the 30 FPS cap would make sense on the regular PS4 I am disappointed that the same goes for the Pro model as well. The FPS is much better with the game running at 30 FPS most of the time. There are still occasional frame drops but those are rare as compared to the game at launch.

Batman Return to Arkham

Image quality has not been affected and it is identical to what we saw in the last patch. Moving through rooms and charging in is much smoother now as compared to what we saw previously. New effects have also been added in Batman Return to Arkham like dynamic shadow which you can clearly see were not present before. While you may not notice this at times it is still an improvement to the game overall.

The new patch was supposed to bring enhanced visuals for the Batman Return to Arkham but there has been nothing that I have seen that can be considered a significant change, especially not in gameplay. The Pro model uses the same dynamic resolution as the standard version. There might come another update somewhere down the line but there is nothing that is noticeable at the moment.

Batman Return to Arkham

What do you think about the new Batman Return to Arkham patch 1.02?