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The Last Of Us 2 Motion Capture Video Shows the Realism

A new The Last Of Us 2 motion capture video has been released on YouTube along with a retread of the game’s Playstation Experience reveal trailer, showing off the work that goes into making the faces of the characters move realistically in the game and making the characters look so much like the actors that motion capture them.

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The video even shows us the difference between the motion capture actors and how the characters actually look, showing it switching between how grown Ellie’s motion capture actor looks and how Ellie herself will actually look.

Considering that the game takes place a few years after the last The Last Of Us game, Ellie’s in-game model looks more like her actor does than a normal adult person would have on Ellie’s face in the first game. Her model has also changed somewhat, giving her more freckles and slimming down her face.

The The Last Of Us 2 motion capture video shows us all of the work that goes into making the game’s characters be able to move realistically, including (specifically in this case) the game’s facial expressions, which we get to see a lot of in the video (though mainly Ellie making silly faces, which I doubt will actually be in the game).

The Last Of Us 2 had been rumored for a very long time before it was announced at the Playstation Experience, however, despite how the trailer looked at the actual event there’s still a ways to go before Naughty Dog is ready to release it.

In the meantime, while we may get more gameplay eventually, whether at next year’s E3 or various other events (or even just via developer diaries on YouTube), the The Last Of Us 2 motion capture video may be the last thing we see of the game for a while.