Shenmue 3 To Enter Full Production Soon, PC Pre-Orders To Start Tomorrow

For past couple of months, developer YS NET has been very silent about the progress of Shenmue 3. Now the developer has revealed that Shenmue 3 will soon be entering into full production.

Series creator Yu Suzuki revealed in an interview with Famitsu that Shenmue 3 will soon be entering into full production and also added that the team might be able to showcase some gameplay videos in early 2017.

Development is entering the final stage headed towards full-scale production. Early in the new year, I think we’ll be able to show you things such as new videos.

He further added that the development team will continue the hard work so that the backers and newcomers to the series can enjoy the game to its full extent.

We will continue progressing with development so that our backers and those who experience the world of Shenmue for the first time can do so with pleasure.

He also revealed that pre-orders to Shenmue 3 will be live from December 15, 2016, but these pre-orders will only be for the PC version.

Also, at noon on December 15, we will start pre-order sales for the PC version of Shenmue III, which received a lot of requests.

Earlier this year Community & Social Marketing Manager of Sega, Dan Sheridan, revealed that Sega is looking into the HD remasters of the first two Shenmue games. However, the year is almost at an end and still there is no word from the company about the remasters or what became of them.

Also, Yu Suzuki has assured fans that the story will not end after Shenmue 3 but it will continue.

I’m afraid that the story will not be concluded with Shenmue 3. After thinking it through, we decided that forcing a conclusion in Shenmue 3 would only make the story feel rushed, and compromise the game as a whole.

Shenmue 3 is an open-world action adventure game in development at YS Net and will launch sometime in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Gematsu