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Resident Evil 7 File Size Revealed For Xbox One, It’s Not That High

The next installment of Capcom’s horror franchise, Resident Evil, is almost here and to further hype things, the Xbox One store page has mentioned the Resident Evil 7 file size for the Microsoft console.

According to the Xbox Store, Resident Evil 7 file size will be 19.81GB on Xbox One suggesting when it comes to storage optimization, Capcom surely seems to have things nailed down better than some other companies like Bethesda.

There is no word on the file size for both PS4 and PC but considering that both of those platforms support the game at higher resolution and will feature better graphical assets, the Resident Evil 7 file size on them would definitely be higher.

Naturally, players will probably be able to start playing the game before the download has completed, usually once about 30% of game data has been downloaded. However, for an ideal experience especially for those without extremely high speed internet connections, it is better to wait until the download has fully completed.

Scheduled to be released on 23rd January 2017 for all platforms, Resident Evil 7 seems to be shaking things up for the franchise and trying to go back to its horror roots.

Not only will the game be in first person, it will feature lots of exploration and dimly lit areas to give off a more atmospheric horror feeling along the likes of games such as Silent Hill instead of the action game vibe of some recent Resident Evil titles.

Of course the action part can’t fully be eliminated as killing zombies is the biggest staple of the Resident Evil franchise. Players will have access to a huge variety of weapons but they won’t be as easily available as previous games and might require some puzzle solving.

Capcom seems to be confident about Resident Evil 7 and believes not only will the game revitalize the franchise but also be able to sell around 4 million copies.