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First Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission Was A Big Failure

The first Pokemon Sun And Moon global mission concluded on December 13 and the results are in. Not only trainers failed to meet the goal of catching 100 million Pokemon in the game but the trainers did not even come close to achieve half of their goal.

The English Pokemon website has updated the results of the first Pokemon Sun And Moon global mission informing the participants that they just missed the 100 million mark. However, the website neglected to mention that by how much they have missed the mark.

Th Japanese Pokemon website on the other hand, has revealed that players only managed to capture 16.4 million Pokemon which means the players only managed to achieve 16.4 percent of the main goal and that is a very big miss as big as 83.6%.

However, there might be a reason behind this big miss for Pokemon Sun And Moon first global mission as the event required players to log into the online Global Sync with a special ID. The players might have bene put off by this requirement due to which none of their collection might have been counted for the worldwide goal.

Also, The Pokemon Company has announced the Pokemon Trading Card expansion for Pokemon Sun And Moon. Pokemon Sun And Moon Trading Card expansion will bring new creatures, strategies, and abilities. This expansion will bring 40 new Pokemon along with the updated versions of already existing Pokemon in the game.

Buddy Pokemon is a widely popular feature of Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver among the Pokemon fans. While fans have requested the developers to bring this feature back to the series but Game Freak has neglected these requests so far.

However, one curious data miner has data mined Pokemon Sun And Moon’s game files and found that each creature in the game has a low-polygon-count model with walking and running animations. This might be an indication that we will see buddy Pokemon back in the franchise.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak for Nintendo 3DS.