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Nintendo Files New Excite Truck Trademark, Old One Likely Lapsed

The filing of a new Excite Truck trademark by Nintendo has been leaked onto the Internet, but whether or not we’ll actually get a new Excite Truck game remains to be seen. Nintendo released the first Excite Truck game on the original Wii console, but since then we’ve heard nothing about if they’re developing a new one.

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The first Excite Truck game won E3 2006’s award for Best Racing Game and ended up getting fairly positive reviews, but ever since it released we haven’t seen a sequel for the game anywhere. While the new Excite Truck trademark may be something to get excited (heh) about, Nintendo might have just caused the old trademark to lapse, requiring them to re-file it.

An older trademark for the game is still in force, but back in 2015, Nintendo was sent a reminder by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which told them that if they didn’t re-file the patent then they would lose it, so this may just be a routine business decision.

As cool as a new Excite Truck would be (especially since Nintendo seems to have moved past the motion control phase), we may not see it on the Switch unless Nintendo actually wants to release a new version of the game on it. While the game’s tilt control setup may work well for the Switch’s controller or for its portable tablet screen, ten years without any new hint of an Excite Truck game makes it seem like Nintendo is just holding on to the Excite Truck trademark.

Hopefully at some point during the Nintendo Switch’s lifetime, Nintendo will think that Excite Truck is a good idea to remake and hopefully make even better, but whether or not that happens is up to Nintendo itself.

If you’ve still got a Wii, it’s possible that Excite Truck is still available to buy on the Nintendo eShop’s Virtual Console, so you might be able to go buy it and see what all the fuss is about.