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Modern Warfare Supply Drops, Parts, Weapon Kits Now Available

The new has come into the old now that Modern Warfare supply drops have been added to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered, along with weapon parts and weapon kits. These all allow players to get new cosmetic gear for their weapons and gear in the game to make your in-game soldier look more distinct.

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The Modern Warfare supply drops aren’t the same kind of in-game drops that players are used to in the newer Call of Duty games, which drop from orbit and allow you to get one-use weapons like drones and robotic suits, but the supply drops do allow you to get interesting little cosmetic goodies for your soldier and your weapons.

The parts section of the Modern Warfare supply drop update is something like the Infinite Warfare item crafting mechanic in its multiplayer; as you gather parts, everything that you can get in a supply drop is craftable with parts that you can get otherwise, much like the supply drop system in Infinite Warfare.

All of this comes with what is known as the Operation Arctic Wolf update, which brings a variety of new insignia, uniforms, target reticles, weapon camos, calling cards, and more. You also get a lot of different melee weapons to do your knife attack, including everything from a machete to a climbing axe to a hammer to a shovel to a bayonet.

All of this, from the Modern Warfare supply drops to parts and all of the cosmetic goodies, is available at the Depot section of the Modern Warfare Remastered menu, where players can spend the points that they earn for the depot. Players will be able to earn depot points through playing multiplayer on Modern Warfare Remastered, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of points if you already play the game a lot.

In the meantime, this new update just shows that despite sales of Infinite Warfare going down, Activision seems to be working as much as they can to keep people interested in Modern Warfare.