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Major Nelson Comments on Digital Games, Will Microsoft Ever Pull-Off a Digital Only Future?

With the announcement of Xbox One, Microsoft tried to lean more towards digital games. However, their implementation was flawed and Microsoft ended up changing many of its core policies for Xbox One after community backlash.

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Major Nelson, being a major part of Xbox brand, recently spoke about the demand of digital games and shared his views on the matter. According to Nelson, demand for digital games is going upwards. Fans are interested in the level of flexibility digital games offer as it allows players to unlock and play the game the moment it is out.

I think the world is—with every passing year and month, every passing moment—the world is more and more comfortable with digital purchases, and frankly that’s what consumers are demanding. They want to have that flexibility of content unlocking and being available the moment a game is released. Being able to download it at their leisure.

He further expressed his views over how Xbox Play Anywhere is a representative of the modern digital era of gaming.

We wanna make sure that gaming for Microsoft equals Xbox. Xbox has always been a gaming console, and over the last year and a half or so, you’ve seen it become the gaming brand for Microsoft. Under that, it can mean what you want it to mean. Whether you’re part of the PC group that wants to have the latest and greatest in 4K gaming, 120 frames per second, that whole routine. Or maybe you just want to sit down and play a great game on a console and don’t have time for that. We’re trying to make sure we have something for everybody, no matter how they want to game, where they want to game, or when they want to game

Having a digital only future wouldn’t be the worse thing only if publishers are able to provide proper flexibility (other than being able to download it before release). There needs to be a system in place that allows us to share our digital games with friends and family. Moreover, it would be interesting if we can sell our digital purchases to other players within a certain period of time.

Source: GameSpot