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League of Legends Mid-Patch 6.24 Balance Update Releases This Week

Riot Games is releasing a League of Legends mid-patch balance update this week to correct a few changes brought by Patch 6.24 over a week ago.

Lead champion designer Riot Meddler stated that such quick follow-ups to patches are usually avoided since there’s a risk of “server disruption and bugs”. However, Patch 6.24 will be live for much longer than the normal period because of the upcoming holidays. Hence, the release of a League of Legends mid-patch becomes necessary to ensure balanced gameplay until the next update in January.

The recent nerfs to Rylai’s Crystal Scepter hit Azir hard. Arise! (W) is being buffed to give the Emperor’s soldiers more damage between levels 9-15.

As wonky as the new champion looks, his Triggerseed (E) is just too strong. The shield’s strength and slow duration are being brought down.

The bounce damage against minions on Shatter Orb (Q) is being reduced by half. Additionally, there are nerfs for Distortion (W).

Damage numbers on Savagery (Q) and Bola Strike (E) are being lowered to curb his snowball potential.

The sneaky jester has proven to be too bursty, especially around AP builds. Ability Power ratios for Decieve (Q) and Two-Shiv Poison (E) are being lowered. Additionally, explosion damage from Hallucinate (R) is being significantly lowered.

She’s another champion that got hit hard by recent changes to Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Threaded Volley (Q) is being buffed in terms of base damage and ability power scaling.

The base heal received from Smite is being lowered to curb early game sustain. This should see decreased gank pressure on the bottom lane.

Meddler confirmed that there are various other champion changes being worked on for Patch 7.1, the first update for the new season. However, the aforementioned ones are what Riot Games felt necessary to address quicker.

As for the latest champion Camille, she currently looks fine. The developer has no intention of pointing the nerf-gun at her, at least not now.

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