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Destiny’s The Dawning Event Begins, Will Last Until January 3

Destiny’s The Dawning event has begun in-game, giving the game a new holiday event along with the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost and the Valentine’s Day focused “Crimson Days” event that happened earlier this year. The event will last until January 3 next year, and includes a lot of old and new events.

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Foremost among Destiny’s The Dawning event will be the permanent return of the game’s Sparrow Racing League. A game mode that came out in December of last year, the game mode found unexpected popularity among many Destiny players, and its popularity is now allowing it to make a permanent return to the game in order for players to get cool new gear for yourself and for your Sparrow. New courses and new Sparrows will also be coming with it.

Next, The Dawning will be adding in scoring on Strikes, where you can compete with the other members of your fireteam for points as you make your way through a strike to see which of you scored more. The points that you earn and the medals you get may be little more than bragging rights, but you can see what you can do at your best.

Along with the Strikes you can now run with scoring are a number of new quests to play, along with new armor and weapons including a few exotics. Destiny’s The Dawning event will also include gifts for you (the spirit of the holidays, after all) that could get you even more new gifts and whatnot, especially if they end up giving you new armor.

Unfortunately, The Dawning is available for Rise of Iron only, so if you’re one of those Destiny players that still hasn’t moved on and picked up an Xbox One or a Playstation 4 to play the game on, you’re not going to be able to take part in the fun.