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AMD Ryzen Zen Opens New Horizons, Beats Intel 6900K In benchmarks

AMD Zen New Horizon was named so because AMD wanted to open up new horizons with their upcoming line of next generation products. AMD Zen development was started 4 years ago and it has been designed by AMD from scratch. AMD Ryzen is the new CPU from AMD and it uses the power of Zen in order to provide the next big thing from AMD. It has the following features:

  • 8 Cores
  • 16 Threads
  • 40% Instructions per clock improvement
  • Base clock 3.4 Ghz or higher
  • AM4 Motherboard ecosystem
  • 95W TDP

AMD Ryzen Sense MI technology

Enables Ryzen to adapt and learn on the fly by using Neural net prediction, and smart prefetch. This enables the machine to run faster. Smart prefetch enables data to be ready before it is needed by learning patterns in which data is processed and transferred.

Pure power and precision boost allows AMD Ryzen to clock as much as needed and use the least amount of energy. Depending upon the cooling that you are using, AMD Ryzen will sense the type of cooling and adapt clock speeds accordingly.

Zen was actually named by the engineers at AMD, Zen represents balance. AMD wanted to create a CPU that could deliver high performance with low power consumption and that is where the name comes in.

AMD Ryzen Benchmarks

AMD Ryzen without boost is able to match the performance of the Intel 6900K.

AMD Ryzen

In the handbrake benchmark, the AMD Ryzen CPU is able to beat the intel 6900K by 10%. The CPU is still being worked on at the moment and we will be able to see even more power when the CPU actually comes out. Let me remind you that the Intel 6900K is an incredibly expensive CPU.

AMD Ryzen

As of right now there has been no announcement regarding the price of the CPU but if the CPU is priced better than the Intel CPU we could see some great value for money from AMD. AMD CEO Lisa Su has confirmed that the AMD Ryzen will be coming out in the first quarter of 2017.