New Pokemon Go Pokemon Added To Mobile Game In Big Update

2016 was a good year for Pokemon; not only did Pokemon Sun and Moon come out and smash records, earlier than that the rebirth of the Pokemon craze started with Pokemon Go, a mobile game that allows people to walk around their hometowns and catch Pokemon from their phone. Now, new Pokemon Go Pokemon are coming in.

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The original version of Pokemon Go had nearly all 151 original Pokemon on it, but also faced a good amount of criticism for those Pokemon being the only ones available when the game first released. Along with a variety of other mechanical problems such as eggs hatching common Pokemon no one wanted to waste hours of walking on, Pokemon Go’s popularity quickly fell.

However, now it seems that new Pokemon Go Pokemon will try and invigorate some new life into the game, starting off with a number of the Baby Pokemon that started to be introduced in Gold and Silver, with Generation II. These include Pokemon like Togepi and Pichu, but they can’t be found in the wild; you’ll have to hunt for eggs and hatch them to try and get a Togepi and Pichu for yourselves.

According to the update, these baby Pokemon will only be the first bunch of the many new Generation II Pokemon that will be coming to Pokemon Go, including the Johto starters and a number of other unique Johto Pokemon. Whether or not Togepi’s evolutions, Togetic and Togekiss, will be available for evolution, however, remains to be seen.

Evolving these baby Pokemon will also be easier than ever, after previous updates to Pokemon Go now allow you to walk a Pokemon behind you as you walk around, generating new Pokemon Candies that you use to evolve your Pokemon.

So, if you haven’t caught a Pikachu yet, or want to get a Pichu and Togepi, keep on the lookout for the new Pokemon Go Pokemon.