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New Battlefield 1 Map “Giant’s Shadow” Coming As Part Of Free DLC

Battlefield 1 is only two months old and already new DLC is coming out for it in the form of the Giant’s Shadow DLC. This will include a new Battlefield 1 map, along with new weapons, and the best part is, the DLC is absolutely free for everybody (though paid DLC will come later).

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Giant’s Shadow takes place during the Battle of the Selle on the Western Front. Fought during the last hundred days of World War I, the battle was between the steadily advancing Allied forces and the crumbling German Empire, and helped to push the Germans even further back towards Germany.

The new Battlefield 1 map is something of a departure from other Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps that take place on the Western Front, as instead of a blimp the Behemoth for this is an armored train (the same kind that runs on the Sinai map), heavily armored and covered in big guns. The map serves as yet another war-torn area of France, as players fight in the shadow of a downed zeppelin that crashed onto the ground; the titular giant. Players will also have access to planes and horses.

EA is holding a livestream on Twitch right now to introduce players to the map, which will be releasing early for EA Insiders tomorrow, December 13. If you’re not an Insider, you’ll be getting the map at the same time as everyone else, on December 20, next Tuesday.

Also included in the Giant’s Shadow DLC along with the new Battlefield 1 map is at least one new weapon, a grenade launcher crossbow. While there may not be actual historical precedent for such a weapon (unlike most of the other guns in the game), a weapon like that is a good enough substitute for the grenade launcher that’s normally in Battlefield games.

Be on the lookout for the new Battlefield 1 map and the new DLC coming tomorrow for Insiders, or December 20 for everyone else. The next expansion, “They Shall Not Pass”, will be a paid DLC.