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Microsoft Exec: It Is Too Early For 4K/HDR Gaming, Big Announcements Coming Soon

Things have become quite interesting ever since Microsoft and Sony started to target 4K and HDR for their respective consoles. However, not everyone agrees that devs should be pursuing 4K on consoles and according to Albert Penello, it is a good time for 4K/HDR but also it is too early.

Appearing on Major Nelson’s podcast, veteran Xbox developer Albert Penello said that he is surprised that PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro do not have any 4K Blu-ray drive. He further added that it is a good time for 4K/HDR but it is also too early.

This is the thing I like to remind people when everybody asks: ‘We’re just in the beginning of this.’ So games, and game developers, and TV manufacturers, we all have to get used to it. Figure this out; what works, what do customers want.

He further added that 4K/HDR in gaming is quite difficult to showcase as this content can only be seen on supported devices and this makes it difficult to market it to the consumers.

Showing people what 4K and HDR look like is really hard when you’re not watching the thing in 4K or in HDR. How do we market that and be honest? You have to fudge things a little bit to show the differences, but you want to do it in a way that’s honest. So even telling customers what it looks like, we have to go through that journey.

He also teased that some big announcements are coming about entertainment apps and games that will support 4K and HDR.

PS4 has dominated the console market for this generation from the start but Xbox One is getting back on track especially after the launch of Xbox One S. According to the data released by NPD, Xbox One sales crossed 1 million sales in November.

Do you think devs should target 4K and HDR or their focus should be 1080p gaming? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamespot