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“You Should Keep Mass Effect: Andromeda Saves After Playing”, Creative Director Says

Even if there’s no confirmation about it, new Mass Effect installment could be the start of a new series. So, there’s no clue that creative director Mac Walters suggested fans to keep their Mass Effect: Andromeda saves.

This is what he said during a chat with Game Informer.

I don’t think it would hurt to keep your saves. Right now, to be honest, we are focused on this game, and as I’ve said to people before, we very much think of Andromeda as a series. What we are doing with the series is still unknown at this point. I think right now, we know we don’t want it to be a trilogy, in the sense of, we’re planning this three-part story in three games. But that said, key elements like the Pathfinders, even the Ryders themselves, those are things that are going to make another appearance in the next chapter.

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However, Walters also recently talked about Mass Effect: Andromeda characters and DLCs.

I think Andromeda is more of a persistent experience, more of an open world than we’ve done before. Even once the campaign is done, there’s still a lot to accomplish. It’s a game based on exploration so if we wanted to create a space for a new follower we can do it. It’s more a question of will we do it, at this point. I wasn’t ruling it out, I think I meant, but we could bring new characters before releasing Mass Effect Andromeda 2.

Well, just remember to keep Mass Effect: Andromeda saves! This game is releasing in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.