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Evolve Developer is Working on a New Shooter, Possibility Free-to-Play

Evolve developer Turtle Rock recently ended support and development for their game. Many though that could very well be the end of the studio itself but is certainly not the case.

The studio is back and has announced it plans for the future.

Turtle Rock is working on a new game, a shooter, that is a “new franchise” in an “all new universe.” The studio is keeping a tight lip for now but has confirmed that community feedback will play a crucial role in the development process. It seems they are trying to avoid the mistakes they made with Evolve.

Turtle Rock is partnering with Perfect World, known for being associated with a number of different free-to-play games. This collaboration combined with the fact that Turtle Rock experimented with F2P model for Evolve, indicates that this new shooter could be a free-to-play game.

The following comments from Steve Goldstein, president of Turtle Rock, suggest that this shooter may not be an AAA project.

I think that independents are much better suited in focusing on projects that they can get to market quickly and then grow based on how their audiences respond. That allows them to keep costs under control and give their customers what they are looking for quickly, rather than working in the dark for several years only to discover that something you thought was amazing didn’t resonate

Turtle Rock put its heart into Evolve but it tanked badly. One can only hope its next project will not suffer the same fate. What are your expectations from Turtle Rock’s next project? Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.