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Devs Reveal Why Doom 4 Was Canceled, It Had A “Call Of Doom” Feel To It

Doom is one of the biggest game launches of this year and fans of the franchise are especially impressed with the single player campaign for the game. However, before the reboot id Software was working on Doom 4 but it was canceled and now the devs have revealed details about Doom 4 cancellation.

Speaking with Gamespot, id Software designer Kevin Cloud revealed new details about the circumstances of Doom 4 cancellation. According to him, the studio moved on from the concept of Doom 4 because it did not feel like a Doom game.

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We explored a direction and got to a certain point and felt like this really wasn’t capturing what we felt like was going to be a strong Doom and what the fans would want from it.

Producer Marty Stratton added that Doom 4 had a “Call Of Doom” feel to it and revealed that it was to be more cinematic and had a lot of story to it.

It was much closer to something like that type of game,” he said. “A lot more cinematic; a lot more story to it. A lot more characters around you that you were with throughout the course of the game. Definitely a different setting–it took place on Earth.

Stratton also revealed that Doom 4 was to have unbelievable production value and was to be a much more scripted experience. The game also had cover mechanics and zombies.

According to creative director Hugo Martin, Doom 4 was much more realistic as it was about the global impact of “a hellish invasion”. The game “sacrificed the doom slayer” to tell a bigger story. “Doom is about one guy involved in big things. Doom 4 was about the big things”.

Seems like id Software put a lot of work into the game but it is also good to hear that developers did kept fans in mind and wanted to create a game that fans wanted and they delivered it with this year’s Doom.