Keepstar Citadel Destroyed In The Biggest Eve Online Battle Ever

This past weekend we witnessed the biggest Eve Online battle in the history of the game. More than 5,700 players gathered to destroy a massive player-made structure, Keepstar Citadel, in the game.

Over the weekend the game’s most successful mercenary faction Pandemic Legion concluded assault on a region of space controlled by another in-game faction, known as Circle of Two (CO2). This assault went on for one month.

The objective of the biggest Eve Online battle was the destruction of the Keepstar Citadel which was an expensive player-built defensive position that was introduced in Eve’s April update.

Keepstar Citadels are over 160 kilometers tall and cost billions of in-game currency. These giant structures also pack a huge super weapon that is very effective against larger capital ships. Over the past weekend, the first ever Keepstar was destroyed and more than 57,000 players took part in it and CCP Games has confirmed that it was the biggest Eve Online battle in the game’s history.

The CO2 fleet commander “progodlegend” told Polygon that the whole battle was a one sided affair and they lost the battle the moment they lost their defensive posture.

The Keepstar was dead the moment we lost our defensive posture over a month ago. The material cost is negligible since both sides well outspent the cost of the Keepstar in the execution of this war.

On the other hand Pandemic Legion’s representative “Killah Bee” said that he was disappointed that CO2 did not even put up a fight in the final battle.

They extracted from the system one week prior. They were expecting to lose the structure and they just never entered the system over the weekend to fight.

Eve Online is a space-based MMO RPG developed by CCP Games for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.