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Bandai Namco Announces Tekken 7 Online Tournament Mode

Bandai Namco has announced that there will be a Tekken 7 online tournament mode available in the home console versions of the fighting game, which for now is restricted mainly to arcade machines. Players will be able to make their own tournaments in a variety of different formats, and even give out prizes.

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Tekken 7 still isn’t going to be hitting home consoles and PCs until sometime next year, but with two different trailers coming up at both this year’s E3 and at the Playstation Experience, it’s getting closer and closer to release. So, it’s actually a good thing that Bandai Namco has started to give us information about the Tekken 7 online tournament mode.

In the mode, the tournament organizers can set it up to be either single or double elimination (that is, deciding whether losing once or losing twice will get you knocked out of the tournament), and can even give out prizes to the victors, such as in-game currency and items. In addition to all of this, the tournament mode will have spectator mode and voice chat so that players can commentate on the match as they watch.

The announcement of the Tekken 7 online tournament mode came after a livestream earlier today, where it was announced that Kuma and Panda, the two bear characters on the game’s roster, would be returning to the game. This means that there are now two more characters that we can try out to see if they’ll match up against guest fighter Akuma of Street Fighter fame.

Another bonus to the tournament mode is that you can make it either public or private, allowing you to set a password for the game if all you want to do is participate in a few matches with your friends or are open to letting anyone come in and fight.

There’s still no confirmation on exactly when Tekken 7 will release, but in the meantime Tekken fans will have to just sit and wait.