Apple AirPods Up For Sale Finally After Delays

Rejoice gadget fanatics! Your wait is over, Apple AirPods are finally up for sale after delays. The fancy, untethered, wireless, Bluetooth functionality based Apple AirPods can be yours for just $159.

Apple AirPods went up for sale quietly at Apple website first with a shipping date of December 22, 2016. Hitherto, it is never late for Christmas, grab the product till the batch lasts and secure a Christmas present for the loved ones or for yourself.

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Apple Airpods were introduced by September and that its availability will commence by October 2016, but, for undisclosed reasons Apple delayed the product availability for sale until now with a quiet launch of product. Nevertheless, its a joyful news for much awaited Apple fans.

The Apple AirPods look a lot similar with traditional EarPods introduced four years ago, only this time AirPods are much larger and wireless. The device is reported to go five hours straight of play time in a single charge, additionally, Apple AirPods also work as a Bluetooth audio gear for non-Apple products.

When the concept of wireless but unthethered headphones was first shown by Apple as Apple AirPods, a great big deal of people thought of it as a flawed idea. People wondered what if you loose one of the ear; because it is not tethered and that it can fall out of ear.

But, later, the device regained its charm back, probably it has to do something with what it offers; effortless for having instant and easy connection with Siri and the sophistication of it to work outside Apple’s device sphere.

What you think about $159 Apple AirPods, is it worth buying for that much money? considering the fact one can get a good Beats headphones or is the AirPods device limited more to convenience of phone calls and less to music and audio beats.