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7.00 Update Goes Live for Dota 2, Marks Beginning of a New Journey

The Dota 2 community is invited by Valve to embark upon a new journey, courtesy of the latest 7.00 update which is now available for everyone.

New Hero

Weighing in at almost 7 GB, the update introduces Monkey King as the first original hero of the game. The melee-type fighter fills the carry position and wields an ancient staff capable of absorbing energy, which can be unleashed upon foes in more than one ways.

The cunning hero can also transform himself to be part of the environment, hop across treetops and call upon an army of monkey soldiers to aid him in battle.

His inclusion is accompanied by a similarly themed Monkey King terrain and a new Arcana item.

Gameplay Changes

Besides the new Hero, 7.00 Update also brings changes to the map itself. A lot of the terrain has been tweaked to connect and form new routes.

A new building type called Shrine has been added near the Secret Shops which provides regeneration upon activation. Roshan has moved away to the top Rune spot at the river; boasting increased attack range and armor, but reduced health.

Runes are now categorized as Powerup Runes (Double Damage, Haste, Illusion, etc) or Bounty Runes. Powerup Runes only spawn at a single River location at a time while Bounty Runes can be found at the four jungle camps.

The Primary and Secondary jungles have been tweaked to include an Ancient and medium camp respectively. There’s a new Ancient Neutral camp which features two Prowler Acolytes and a Prowler Shaman.

Heroes can now equip three additional items thanks to the introduction of backpacks. The only downside is that items in the backpack cannot be activated and nor do they provide passive bonuses.

However, the most significant change to arrive with the new 7.00 Update is the addition of Hero Talent Trees. Players can spend points to excel their hero’s capabilities, depending upon the tree choices available.

HUD Changes

The in-game interface has been completely redesigned to offer more information to players without clogging the screen.

Holding ALT brings up a top-bar that displays information about your team members. The mini-map now features a simplified background option with added indicators for events.

Leveling up a hero’s abilities has been made simpler with a one-click solution. The new HUD also caters to other heroes, units, and buildings.

A redesigned shop interface screams more efficiency. New courier controls disregard the notion of opening the shop.

Pre-Game Changes

Update 7.00 brings improvements to the drafting phase of every Dota 2 game. A new selection screen matches the layout of the Heroes gallery, allowing players to access the same filters. A hero can be clicked to display abilities and short descriptions of their playstyle. Additionally, a hero can also be suggested to other members on the team.

A new Team Composition guage sums up the capabilities of your team’s heroes. The strategy map has been updated. Starting items can be purchased before spawn, and a Strategy Phase of thirty seconds added.