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Monkey King Arrives With Mega Dota 2 Patch 7.00

Teased back in August, Monkey King finally arrives with the latest Dota 2 Patch 7.00 for us to spend time with this holiday season.

He’s the first original hero for the game’s roster and is categorized as a melee-type fighter who fills the carry position.

His ancient staff absorbs energy with each hit, growing in power and laying waste to foes once unleashed. However, such power doesn’t necessarily mean that Monkey King should dive into every foray.

A unique set of abilities allow him to opt for an alternative gameplay style. Monkey King can set up ambushes for enemy targets in more than one ways.

Firstly, he can transform himself to be part of the environment. This includes showing up as a tree or dropped Iron Branch. Secondly, Monkey King can make his own routes by traversing across treetops. From atop, he can jump onto wandering enemy targets to finish them off.

He’s a slippery character and when played right, can pretty much escape any tense situation.

Q: Boundless Strike
Monkey King slams his staff against the ground, dealing critical damage and stunning enemies in a line.

W: Tree Dance
Monkey King quickly jumps across treetops.

W: Primal Spring
From a treetop, Monkey King lands on a marked area to slow and damage all nearby enemies.

E: Jingu Mastery
After four consecutive attacks, Monkey King gains temporary bonus damage and lifesteal.

R: Mischief
Monkey King changes his form to decieve enemies in accordance to the surrounding environment.

Ultimate: Wukong’s Command
Monkey King summons a formation of monkey soldiers around him to help fight nearby enemies.

In addition to the new hero, Dota 2 Patch 7.00 also brings special Arcana skins for Monkey King. This features a new base-model, texture, and particle effects; along with a cloud-riding run animation, custom portrait, taunt, and Emoticon.

There’s also an “all-new Monkey King Terrain” for sale at a limited price of $12.99. Owners get access to brand new terrain themed around the King.